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3 Great Places To Enjoy Autumn In Hokkaido

As Japan's largest prefecture, Hokkaido showcases some of the most spectacular sceneries during autumn. Dazzling with vivid hues of red, orange and yellow, these 3 places are surely worth visiting!

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5 Sensational Sightseeing Places In Shiretoko

Mention Hokkaido, and Sapporo springs to mind. But do you know you can immerse yourself in primeval forests and lose all your worries in Shiretoko? Here are 5 things you should check out!

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8 Not Well-known But Definitely Stunning Places In Japan

Japan has a lot of beautiful nature in its small land. However, even Japanese people don't realize much about it. Here are the eight amazing places to fully enjoy the beauty of Japan.

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3 Best Summer Travel Destinations In Japan

Now that summer vacation has come, and you might be wondering where to go and to enjoy. Here is three common and popular travel destinations to visit during summer in Japan.

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5 Beautiful Driveways You Should Go In Japan

Have you traveled by car when you are abroad? If you like driving, you have to drive in Japan! There are so many beautiful spots you should visit by car in Japan. It's easy to rent a car if you're worried about it.

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Want To Experience The Coldest Ever? Come To Rikubetsu In Japan

Where is the coldest place in Japan? That would be Rikubetsu, on the eastern side of Hokkaido. There are people living even in such a place because there are something only the coldest city can have.

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One Of The Best Barbecue Place, Kitami In Hokkaido

Kitami is one of the famous cities in Hokkaido. What Kitami famous for is its two big events taken place in summer and winter.

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Tokachigawa River Natural Ice Spectacle

Misterious "jewelry ice". You can see that mysterious sight in the vicinity of the mouth of the Tokachi River. Amazing nature!

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Hidaka Sports in the Severe Cold Event, Get Close to Nature in Hokkaido Summer Camp

Hidaka is located in the southern part of Hokkaido, most of the area is forest. Therefore, you can taste the air and water. Enjoy great outdoors!

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Head For Wakkanai, The Northernmost Tip Of Japan!

Wakkanai is located in Soya subprefecture in hokkaido. Cape Soya is Japan's northernmost point. A lot of tourist go to there and take a commemorative photo. There are beautiful view!

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