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5 Common Sushi Trivias: How Many Do You Know?

There are many kinds of sushi in Japan. The most common is nigiri, and you might have ever seen ones before. However, here are 5 common sushi trivias you might not know yet.

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Miyajima Oyster Festival

Seafood lovers just cannot miss these delicious oysters.

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5 Delicious Ways To Eat Crabs In Japan

Crabs are called “kani” in Japanese. The best crabs are caught mainly in Hokkaido and Hokuriku area in Japan. There are various types of crabs. In Japan, red king crab, queen crab, and hair crab are commonly enjoyed. Here’s 5 delicious ways to enjoy those crabs in Japanese ways.

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Hokkaido Seafood

Hokkaido is famous for its delicious seafood.

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A littleWeird But Very Popular Food From Japan, Mentaiko(明太子)

Japanese people like to eat weird food that isn't popular abroad. You might know some like raw octopus, horse meat or fish sperm. Next one is mentaiko, which is made of roes taken from Cod and Pollock.

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Is Sushi Healthy? Sushi Is One of the Most Wonderful Seafood Cuisines

Have you known that sushi is the abbreviation of "SUrreal SEAfood"? I'm sorry, just joking. But it's true that sushi is one of the most wonderful seafood cuisines from Japan. I have some tips about Sushi.

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Let’s Branch Out and Try Uni ウニ!

Have you tried sea urchin called Uni(ウニ)? It actually tasty but some people really love it and others hated. Are you interested in it? Perhaps Uni is a good start to branch out from the normal Sushi!

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Let Them Dance Into Your Mouth: Dancing Squid in Hakodate

Dancing Squid in Hakodate is so popular to the extent that most foreigners who have visited Hakodate, would have tried this!

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5 Specialty Cuisine That You Should Try In Hokkaido

Hokkaido cuisine is one of the northern island’s biggest attractions. Hokkaido is also called “Kingdom of Seafood”, where you can find the freshest sushi, crab, and the other seafood there. You'll regret if you don't try these specialty cuisines in your visit of Hokkaido!

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