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Kanten: Essential Ingredients In The Summer Of Japan

Kanten (Japan agar) is a food invented in Japan. Boil the seaweed and freeze it, then dry it to make it. Its manufacturing method was invented in the Edo period.

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5 Delicious And Affordable Japanese Sweets You Need To Eat In Tokyo

The world of Japanese sweets (wagashi) is enjoyable and sweet not only to kids but also to adults.

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Is Japanese Confectionery (Wagashi) Healthy?

Needless to say, everyone loves the western style confectionery. Many Japanese (especially young people) do not eat Japanese confectionery compared to the past. But since Wagashi are healthier than the western style confectionery, when you want to eat sweet things while on a diet, it is told Wagashi are better!

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Daifuku: The Representative Of Wagashi

Daifuku literally means big luck and popular Japanese sweets that are made of mochi with sweet bean paste (anko) filled inside.

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Yatsuhashi 八つ橋:The Best Dessert To Try In Kyoto

There is definitely one traditional Japanese dessert that you can’t afford to miss: yatsuhashi 八つ橋! It's Japanese confectionery which is made of red beans wrapped up by rice flour. And it's a most famous souvenir in Kyoto.

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3 Foods Which Most Japanese People Love

You can say that dietary culture represents what the culture or the people are like. In this 21th century, we are exchanging many foods with each other but some of them are particularly loved by a certain people. So, how about the Japanese people? Of course, the food preference varies from person to person, but there is some trend.

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Dorayaki And The Japanese Pop Culture

Dorayaki is not only delicious but it is also a huge part of the Japanese pop culture since 1969. Do you know why?

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8 Japanese Sweets And Bread You Should Try

In Japan, traditional Japanese sweets are called as "Wagashi". Some of them used red bean paste as the main part. Also, there are may types of sweet bread in Japan, called "kashipan".

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Refreshing and cool Japanese summer sweets

Japanese sweets reflect the four seasons. The great taste of each season is heightened inside these small sweets. August is the height of summer! Here we want to introduce the refreshing Japanese summer sweets to you.

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