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Symbolic Tower Of Tokyo "Tokyo Tower"

An elegant tower with structural beauty is one of the symbolic tower of Tokyo. Even now that has ended its role as a communications and observation tower, the fact remains that it is a landmark in Tokyo.

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Which Is More Prestigious, Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Skytree?

Tokyo Tower and TOKYO SKYTREE are both the symbol of Japan now. However, the similarity must make you wonder which is the better to visit. Now, compare them to make it clear.

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4 Stories That Will Make Your Visit At Tokyo Sky Tree Interesting

The highest mountain in Japan is Fuji Mountain; now, what's the highest tower? You may think that Tokyo Tower is, but actually it used to be. Now, the highest one is taken the place of by TOKYO SKYTREE.

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Let's Compare Two Famous Towers: Tokyo Tower And Eiffel Tower

Do you know what is this building? Yes, the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But Japan has also the one looks like. When you hear of the word, "Tower", what do you associate with? Maybe, many people tend to think of Tokyo Tower or Eiffel Tower. Do you know what's the difference between the two skyscrapers?

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Let's Learn About The Japanese Skyscraper, Tokyo Tower

When you think of a symbol of Japan, it may well be Tokyo Tower. Yes, it took great part in the Japanese history, but few people know the detail and the relationship with TOKYO SKYTREE.

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Which Tower Should You Visit Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Skytree?

There are two big and famous tower in Japan. They are called "Tokyo tower" and "Tokyo Skytree". It is better to go to both of them but if you don't have time... Which place should you visit?

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6 Marvelous Dating Spots with Japanese Girl in Winter in Tokyo

Japanese girls love winter illuminations. When you go out with Japanese girls in the winter season, take her to your favorite spot below!

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