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5 Mouthwatering Japanese Summer Foods to Eat

Summer's upon us, and there're many great foods we can feast on to beat the scorching heat. From unagi to kakigori, the choice are aplenty. Let me introduce five such delicious foods!

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4 Ways How To Prevent Heat Stroke In Japanese Way

It is getting really hot and humid in Japan during summer. Many people experience heat stroke due to the weather. Here are some tips to prevent heat stroke in Japanese way.

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5 Delicious Japanese Summer Food You Should Try

Now that the summer has come in Japan, it's the best time to enjoy summer food. What are Japanese Summer Food? How do they taste like? Here is the best 5 examples you should try and enjoy!

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Unagi: Is Ross In "Friends" Right Or Is It Fish?

Want to figure out if Dr.Ross Geller was right about Unagi?

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Anago: Amazing Fish With Rich Taste And Nutrition

There is no wonder unagi has been acquiring its popularity globally. Unagi is a freshwater eel. But when it comes to Tokyo local food, a sea eel or anago is the one you may want to try out.

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3 Best Nagoya Food You Should Try

Nagoya, the prefectural capital of Aichi, is one of the biggest cities in Japan. It is famous for its unique food culture called "nagoyameshi".

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Food Quiz: How Much Do You Know Japanese Food And Places?

Are you a foodie? Consider yourself knowledgeable on the different kinds of Japanese food? There are 47 prefectures in Japan. Do you know which prefecture is famous for each of the 8 famous foods featured here?

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Two Different Delicious Eels In Japan Unagi 鰻 And Anago 穴子

When you go to a sushi restaurant and order up some Eel Nigiri and the sushi chef ask if you would like to have Unagi or Anago do you know the difference? Just when you thought that all eels are created equal the sushi god has to throw you a curveball, right? Not to worry, we will take a closer look at the differences and have you order eel like a pro at your local sushi bar next time.

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