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How Many Have You Seen? The Japanese Themed Trains

If you have ever visited Japan, you might be surprised or get excited about the Japanese train systems (Or even get confused about it). In fact, Japanese trains are pretty much unique and fun. Here are the reasons why the Japanese trains are interesting. The key word is "themed trains" which entertain passengers.

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Tecchan: The Japanese Train Otaku

Have you ever heard "tecchan"(鉄ちゃん) or the Japanese train otaku before? Since Japan has so many railways, there is a large number of train otaku. It used to be only for men but nowadays, a girl's version of train otaku called, "tetsuko" (鉄子)is getting popular as well. Here's about the Japanese train otaku or "tecchan" in general.

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Primer For Train Etiquette

Riding on a train requires consideration more than you might think.

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Try The Love Train In Japan!

Love train is here to celebrate Valentine and White day! Available for limited time, they are here to warm up your commuter in Japan!

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Important Things To Do For Your First Trip In Tokyo

Prepare well for your trip to Tokyo!

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5 Facts You Won't Believe That They Are Real In Japan

It's true though... Test your knowledge about Japan here!

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3 Reasons Why Japanese Hasitate To Talk On The Phone In Public Transportation

Sometimes what will you do if you receive some calls on the public transportation? Will you answer it or not? In Japan, there is a rule not to talk on the phone when you are on any public transportation. Why? Here are the reasons!

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Rush Hours In Tokyo: You Will Never Experience In Other Countries

In Japan, they mostly used train as their first public transportation. You will be able to go everywhere in Japan by train only, isn’t it the most convenient public transportation?

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Tokyo Travel Hack: Hassle-Free Ways to Get From Narita to the City!

Japan's public transportation is wonderful! Start your adventure in Japan by knowing the ways to get from Narita to wherever you want to go!

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Your "Must-have" For Travelling In Japan: Smart Train Cards

If you travel around Japan, there is one must item to bring with you everywhere you go - Prepaid IC cards mostly called, Suica or PASMO in Kanto area.

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