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3 Things You Have To Know If You Are Going To Make Business In Japan

Business manners sure are hard to grasp. In Japan, courtesy and formality are valued.

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Japanese Kindergarten

Curious to know how Japanese raise their kids? The "mannerly" education starts in Japanese kindergartens!

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Japan As A Clean Country

Keeping your country clean to enjoy our life more!

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3 Reasons Why Japanese Hasitate To Talk On The Phone In Public Transportation

Sometimes what will you do if you receive some calls on the public transportation? Will you answer it or not? In Japan, there is a rule not to talk on the phone when you are on any public transportation. Why? Here are the reasons!

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5 Manners In Japanese Restaurants You Should Remember Just In Case

The manners when people have a meal vary from country to country, and your common sense may not be true of other countries. Do you know these facts of Japanese restaurants?

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3 Reasons Why Japanese People Don't Talk On The Phone In A Train

In Japan, there is a manner not to talk on the phone in public transports. If you are wondering for the reason, let’s know more about them then.

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The Crash Course Of "How To Use Chopsticks"

Are you a good chopstick user? When having a meal in Japan, most commonly you will have to use a pair of chopsticks. Since it may seem to be a bit difficult, some people use them in their own way. However, historically Japanese people say that the way he/she uses a pair of chopsticks reflects himself/herself. Yes, the usage of chopsticks represents the decency of Japanese culture. So, it may seem "unmannerly" to use them in your original way. Let's learn the correct manner to use them here.

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The Shocking Culture Of Japanese Food Manner

The manners when eating something vary from country to country, and they are sometimes most shocking difference of two cultures. In Japan, there are many cultures about eating food, which are not familiar to foreigners. Let's learn some of them and follow the famous proverb and "to do as the Japanese do when in Japan".

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Seiza 正座 : Traditional Sitting Style For Japanese

Seiza 正座 means literally proper sitting. Japanese people do seiza 正座 when they sitting in Japanese-style room. It is not say that you must follow all of etiquettes but you impress Japanese if you know them. Take a look at Japanese etiquettes sitting on the floor to eat.

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Japanese Behaviors You Cannot Believe On Train!

What do you do when you are on train? In Japan, you are supposed to be quiet, and it is not allowed to talk on the phone on train. How do Japanese use their time? Compared with your country, you may find some interesting differences.

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