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Speaking Of Summer Noodles In Japan, Somen And Hiyamugi! What's The Difference?

There are noodles that consumption increases in summer in Japan. Those are Hiyamugi and Somen. But look exactly like it, do you know the difference?

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So Many Noodles!

There are various types of noodles in Japanese food culture. Even in one type, numerous styles exist.

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8 Best Japanese Noodles You Have To Try In Japan

Feeling curious about the types of noodles in Japan? There are many types of Japanese noodles. Here we introduce eight best noodles of Japan. They are all damn good for sure!

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How To Cook "Somen Noodle" Japanese People Often Eat In Summer

You know how to eat somen. Yes, slurp it. So do you know how to cook it? Here is the simple way to serve somen noodles in Japan.

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Do You Want To Try The Japanese Endless Soba Course?

Do you like Japanese soba noodles? If so, wanko soba is highly recommended for you! Wanko is the local soba noodle in Iwate prefecture, and the way you eat it is really interesting. The soba will be served continuously until you give up! How many bowls can you eat?

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Champon, The Champion Of Noodles From Nagasaki

Although you can find noodles all over the country of Japan, Champon is Nagasaki’s own version.

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Give A "Slurp" With Somen Noodles

Ramen, Udon and Soba may be known nowadays around the world... (or not). But do you know the most thinnest noodles favored in Japan? It's called as Somen noodles. They are less than 1.3 millimeter in diameter. Know more about how they are served!

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Let’s See Some Healthy “Instant Ramen” With Nutritional Balance!

On February 11th, "Instant noodles: Original menu contest 2015," was held, and menus of ideas of instant noodles were exhibited which were tasty and healthy and full of nutrition.

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10 Ridiculously Large Japanese Ramen You Can't Believe People Actually Eat Them Up

Here are 10 ridiculously large Japanese ramen (noodle)!!! Japanese love them and eat them up. But you can not believe people actually eat ALL by his/herself. It's too much... Japanese call them "Jiro inspired ramen".

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Somen… The Refreshing Summer Noodles

Somen is the one type of Japanese noodles. But it's less know compare to Ramen, soba, udon. But it's so good actually and different from other noodles. Let us explain it!!

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