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5 Okinawan Cuisine Everyone Should Try

Okinawa cuisine is separate from Japanese mainland, making its cuisine differ considerably from typical Japanese dishes.

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So Many Noodles!

There are various types of noodles in Japanese food culture. Even in one type, numerous styles exist.

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8 Best Japanese Noodles You Have To Try In Japan

Feeling curious about the types of noodles in Japan? There are many types of Japanese noodles. Here we introduce eight best noodles of Japan. They are all damn good for sure!

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Have You Tried Amazing Japanese Soba Noodle?

Soba is one of the four main noodle types in Japan. Soba is made from buckwheat. However, soba masters tend to mix wheat flour into buckwheat to make soba noodles tender.

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How To Welcome The New Year In Japan?

Do you know how Japanese people spend their times during New Year’s Eve? Well, there are some options to do on 31st December.

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Do You Want To Try The Japanese Endless Soba Course?

Do you like Japanese soba noodles? If so, wanko soba is highly recommended for you! Wanko is the local soba noodle in Iwate prefecture, and the way you eat it is really interesting. The soba will be served continuously until you give up! How many bowls can you eat?

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Japanese Kitsune (fox) Udon & Tanukui (raccoon) Soba Noodles

It’s an odd thing in Japanese cuisine, there are noodles called, Kitsune Udon and Tanuki Soba. "Kitsune" means a fox while "Tanuki" means a raccoon dog. It doesn’t mean Japanese eats those animals.

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3 Incredible Food Delivery Services You Should Order In Japan

When hearing the steps of winter come close, it is getting tough to go out. Now, let's order food delivery. If you live in Japan, you can order something like this other than pizza to boot.

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What Is Soba? Let's Know About Japanese Noodle Soba!

Did you know that the word “Soba” in Japanese means buckwheat? Or did you know that soba could be had more than one way? Let's know about this healthy Japanese food together!

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5 Types Of Udon/Soba That Might Confuse You

Udon and soba are traditional Japanese dishes. There are a lot of fans who come to Japan to eat these noodles. But, how many kinds of udon/soba do you know? The name of udon/soba changes according to its ingredients. I will introduce some typical kinds of udon/soba so that you don't get confused when you order.

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