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Four Seasons In A Japanese Beautiful Mountain

August 11 is a public holiday: Mountain Day. It is the new Japanese holiday which has started in 2016. A mountain in which season would you like to climb?

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Oyako Day In Japan

Japan has many days to celebrate different things, some of which seem to be trivial at first thought. But in fact, it turns out to be more valuable than anything. Family bond is an example.

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4 Special Foods For Traditional Holidays In Japan

In Japanese cuisine tradition, some foods are only to be enjoyed in specific events or traditions. Find what Japanese people love to eat during the holidays.

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Where Are You Going To Spend New Year Eve In Japan?

Have you ever thought of spending New Year Eve in Japan, and how it would be like to spend New Year Eve in Japan? Having spent 3 years of New Year Eve in Japan, was a great opener to me, as different country have different ways of celebration.

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Kadomatsu: 3 Trees Call Good Luck In Your Home

During the New Years holidays in Japan, there are three trees that you will see everywhere in Japan: take (bamboo), matsu (pine) and ume (Japanese plum).

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3 Important Firsts In The Japanese New Year

Starting off a new year is particularly important in Japan, where it is believed that your hatsu (“first”) occurrence of something can even determine how your whole year will play out!

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KOINOBORI: You Can Find Carps In The Sky

On children's day, there is one thing that represents “Koinobori”. You can see beautiful carps in the sky.

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