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5 Popular Matcha Sweets In Japan

Matcha is favored by not only Japanese but also most foreigners. And nothing can be compared to sweets with matcha flavor. There are more sweets consumed than the actual tea in Japan.

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Do You Want To Try The Starbucks Japan Limited Menu?

Now that Starbucks are everywhere all over there world, Japan is no exception. Here are three Japanese original menus that I would like to introduce.

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Find Your Wabi-Sabi In Japan

Wabi sabi is integral to the Japanese way of life and refers to the transcience of beauty, which is particularly apt for a country blessed with four lively seasons.

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Ochazuke, Simple But Not So Plain

Ochazuke is just that, a happy marriage between rice and tea.

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How To Prevent Cold In A Japanese Way

If you do not want to catch a cold, there are some Japanese ways to prevent it.

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5 places where you can experience Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony

If you plan to visit Tokyo and wish to experience the traditional tea ceremony, check out where/when you can participate.

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5 Most Common Teas In Japan

Japanese people drink teas a lot. A lot more than you imagine. I think it's one of the reason Japanese people are very healthy. There are so many types of tea in Japan. Cha means tea in Japanese. Here are the most common ones.

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3 Different Types Of Japanese Green Tea

Brought back to Japan by Japanese monks who visited China in the ninth century, green tea has been an indispensable part of the diet of Japanese people ever since. Green tea not only boasts a delicious taste, but also brings about many health benefits. But do you know the differences between the three most common types: sencha, matcha and hojicha?

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