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5 Tips Not To Be A Typical Foreign Traveler In Japan

When you travel abroad, you should know the culture of the country if you want to fit in the country well. In Japan, there are a lot of unique customs and unspoken rules which not many travelers know.

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Are The Japanese Majime? 5 Best Examples Of Typical Japanese People

You might have heard that Japanese people are serious, polite, and diligent. Half true, half false. Being serious in Japanese is "Majime" (まじめ). In fact, many Japanese people are literally majime in public, at office, at school and, in general. They are typically serious. Here are 5 characteristics of serious Japanese people that you may be surprised or may nod your head as yes!

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4 Fun Facts About Salt In Japan

Salt has many meaningful ways to use in Japanese daily life. In Japan, salt isn't just a condiment used to enhance flavors but is inextricably linked to the way of life of Japanese people.

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How Japanese And Koreans Differ In Their Eating Habits

Sometimes the best way to understand the Japanese is to compare it with another culture. Korea may be Japan’s closest neighbor, but the eating habits of the Japanese differ so drastically from those of the Koreans that you will be surprised! Through this article, you will come to understand how the Japanese demonstrate respect and extend hospitality at the dining table.

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3 Ways How Japanese People Say “NO”

This thing is not easy in Japan! Saying “No” in Japan is not easy as you think! I think it is such an art of Japan! Feeling curious about it, let’s know more about this custom in Japan.

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What Does Bowing Mean In Japan?

Bowing custom is one of the most important things in Japan. They called it as “Ojigi” in Japanese. It is known as the way of greeting, which is a part of Japanese culture. Let’s know more about this important custom in Japan.

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The History And Present Of Japanese Wedding

What is wedding for you? Is it the goal of your life or that of start? Many people think about this tradition in many ways, but there are some tendencies among countries. What is Japanese wedding tradition like? Check out.

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3 Japanese Shopping Customs You Should Know Before Visiting Japan

Do you want to go to shopping when you visit Japan? If so, you might want to know some basic Japanese shopping customs so that you won't get confused at the cash register.

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Basic Japanese Business Etiquette You Should Know

Business manners are really important! I think that every country has their manners that we should learn one by one, so either Japan. So, let’s know about the most common Japanese business manners!

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Forget All The Bad Things From This Year

Bonenkai 忘年会 means forgetting this year gathering. Feeling curious about when, where, and what they do during that time? Let’s know more!

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