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5 Local Delicacies You Should Savour In Sendai, Miyagi

Home to Japan's most elaborate Tanabata festival, Sendai draws truckloads of visitors come summer every year. Its gourmet will delight your tastebuds as well, so here's five foods you must try!

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Guide To Eating 6 Delicious Fishes In Japan

Surrounded by crystal-blue seas, Japan enjoys an abundant supply of fishes. Not to mention her sophisticated processing techniques that ensure that fishes stay fresh! Let's learn about 6 yummy fishes:

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Shiso: The Japanese Savory And Flavory Herb

Shiso or Perilla leaf is a culinary herb widely used in many of Japanese dishes. Have you ever seen it? In fact, shiso contains lots of nutrition and so healthy. Here is what it is about!

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5 Things That All Japanese Food Lovers Will Definitely Understand

Japanese food is getting popular all over the world. If you are a Japanese food lover, you may find some keys or facts you definitely can understand. Here are 5 examples that Japanese food lovers will definitely understand.

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5 Delicious Ways To Eat Tuna In Japan

Do you like tuna fish? In Japanese, tuna is called “Maguro,” which is commonly enjoyed in various ways. Here are 5 amazingly delicious ways to eat tuna in Japan.

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Sashimi Is NOT The Same As Sushi

The words Sushi and Sashimi to many people they may go hand in hand and to some people these two words are not interchangeable. They are not the same at all.

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3 Easy Way To Enjoy Japanese Dish At Your Home

If you love Japanese dish, I recommend you to try these dishes that you can make them at your own home. These dishes are easier than you expect!!

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