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You Have A Wonderful Experience: Risshakuji Temple In Yamagata

If you climb the stairs of 1000 steps or more, you will find great scenery. It is well-known as "Yamadera". Buildings are placed throughout the mountains, and we are going to pray while climbing mountains. There is the oldest building near the top of the mountain and you can enjoy wonderful views.

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Gansenji Temple In Kyoto : Provide A Quiet Retreat For You

Gansenji is located at the southern end of Kyoto, at the prefectural border of Nara. It is famous as a flower temple, the beauty of the hydrangea season is exceptional. In the tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can relax and enjoy the temple.

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Konjikido Golden Hall - Chusonji Temple

A beautiful piece of arts where Japanese people's devotion to the Buddha is splendidly represented. This golden hall is one of the most famous halls in Japan. The features of this unique hall are by covering the roof with golden leaves inside and outside.

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7 Life-Changing Places Where You Will Become Inspired In Japan

Going somewhere you've never visited before can show you many differences from something of your home country and it may change your way of thinking. In Japan, there are some "Life-Changing places" you should visit if you wish to become inspired.

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New Year's Travel Tip: Naritasan Has Many Attractions Around

Japanese people usually visit temples and shrines to pray for "a good year".

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Why You Should Visit Kyoto?

There are so many historical and cultural things that have been preserved and alive in Kyoto. Let's know more about it.

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Lucky Fortune, Omikuji

Omikuji (written oracles) is fun to draw at shrines or temples. It’s exciting to see what is going to happen in the future by those omikuji.

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9 Places You Can Experience The Authentic Culture Of Japan

When you are traveling out of your country, you want to see things which you can only see in that particular country. That makes the travel so much more fun! Here are nine of them in Japan.

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3 Surprisingly Dangerous Practices Of Buddhism

Buddhism has various kinds of ascetic practices. Some of them are so dangerous and hard that you need strong patience and courage. I will introduce such rigorous practices that you can experience in Japan.

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The Most Famous Temple Kinkakuji 金閣寺 In Kyoto

The word “Kin” means gold and the word “Kakuji” means pavilion in Japanese. So, it literally means Temple of Golden Pavilion. It is a Zen temple located in northern Kyoto, Japan. If you have a chance to visit Kyoto, I really recommend you to visit this cool temple.

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