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Valentine's Day Will Be Chocolate Heaven In Japan

Have you ever been to Japan on Valentine's Day? If you've come, you could see chocolate sold at many shops. Not only chocolate shops, but also in department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, many chocolates are on sale!

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3 Surprising Uses Of Sake

Sake. We know that it is the perfect accompaniment to any meal, be it seafood or desserts. But do you know that it has many other interesting uses? Here are three uses that will surprise you!

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Chocolate French Fries? What Are You Doing, MacDonalds In Japan?

In Japan, MacDonald's isn't doing as good as it is in other countries. It's still popular, but somehow, the number of the customers is decreasing. And MacDonald's Japan started trying new things, like this fries...

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Valentine's Revenge – White Day!

Valentine's Day is when girls give gifts to boys. But when do boys give gifts to girls?

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Japanese Exclusive Treat: Strawberry Matcha Chocolate

Combining the sweet and juicy strawberry and the original green tea from the best maker in Japan, introducing to you an alternative gift of your typical chocolate perfect for Valentine Day!

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7 Japanese Snacks You Can Buy As Souvenirs For Your Friends

People expect souvenirs when their friends travel to somewhere even if they are not the closest of friends. However, it may cost a lot if you buy for each friend. For such travelers, I suggest you buy snacks in Japan. They're cheap and good!

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Uniqueness Of Valentine's Day: A Special Day For Girls In Japan

In Japan, Valentine's Day is the occasion when women express their love to the men by giving chocolate. In recent years, however, the chocolate has gained more meanings than just love. I will introduce some different types of chocolate for Valentine's Day.

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A Special Day For Girls, Valentine’s Day In Japan

In the western culture, on Valentine’s day, men treat girls romantically with a surprise gift. However, in Japan, the concept is totally the opposite. Girls give a special kind of chocolate to boys.

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Chocolate Birthday Jewelry from Japan!

Perfect for your significant other's birthday, a combination of chocolate and gemstone which are the popular gift for girls in Japan!

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4 Best Chocolates You Should Buy From Japan

Are you a chocoholic? I also love chocolate, and I keep wondering what kind of chocolate that Japan has. While English seem quite fond of Cadbury’s, Americans prefer Hershey’s, how about Japan? Let’s know more about it then!

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