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The huge Gundam statue which is like Statue of Liberty in Odaiba.

Don't you know Gundam? This is very very famous and popular Japanese animation. You are broke life and should watch it.There are many places where you can feel like being in the Gundam world in Japan.

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Japanese Kawaii Nail Art that surprise you

You may know Japanese nail quality is highly regarded. Now, Otaku culture entered into this industry. Ita-nail(痛ネイル) is nail art which is illustrated anime, manga, game character. Actually it's elaborated and so cute!!

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10 Awesome Animated Birthday Cakes From Japanese Anime That Makes Your Friend Suprised

Hey there it’s macko*! This time I would like to introduce a Japanese cake shop Anime Sugar producing animated character cakes by collaborating with Japanese animation.

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Ranking of doujin music in Toranoana for the first half of the year 2015.

This is the ranking of doujin music in Toranoana for the first half of the year 2015. ※These items maybe sold out due to the sale situation. We appreciate your understanding.

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My First Visit to the Tokyo Game Show !! A new trend is Virtual Reality

Tokyo Game Show is the biggest game event in Japan. This year,the number of visitors is second-largest in history. New company participated in, Virtual Reality was paid much attention, and cute game show girls was photographed by so many people as always. I'd like to share my first visit report of TGS!! Let's take a look at this and visit next year!!

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One Of The Gold Saints "Leo Aiolia" Is Coming From Saint Seiya

This is for all fans of "Saint Seiya": One of the gold saints "Leo Aiolia" is coming as a figurine!

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There Is No Better Way To Drink Coffee With Mug Is Printed Japanese Cartoon On

I found the best Mug for you! Today we introduce Japanese cartoon art inspired mug. They are really awesome! Check out them!

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How Great Would You Be If You Could Fly In The Air Like SON GOKU?

Superpowers are special abilities that the majority of modern humans do not possess. But how great would you be if you could fly like SON GOKU? Here are some guys who can fly!!! >>>

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7 Highly Recommended Films by Studio Ghibli

Have you watched Ghibli films? You might have already watched some of their movies. If you find some of them you haven't, we recommend to watch them. These seven films are still gaining tremendous popularity. The works by studio Ghibli teach us about peace, courage, life, war, nature, etc.

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5 Populor Anime Cosplay Ideas For Girls

Are you looking for a costume you want to try next? How about these ideas? They are still popular and people will easily recognize them. Enjoy cosplaying!

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