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5 Kawaii Standards That Japanese Girls Have

A standard of beauty is often different in each culture. Japanese women also have their own aesthetics. But it may make people from other countries confused like "Are they cute?"

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4 Tips About How To Pick Up Girls In Japan

Compared to Western culture, Japanese style of communication is very different. That means you should be careful when you pick up Japanese girls. Here are some tips you should know to make it.

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4 Things You Must Avoid With Your Japanese Wife/Girlfriend

If you are married to a Japanese lady or you have decided to take relationship with a girlfriend to the next level and are cohabiting together, there is something you should know. Either way, it would be wise to avoid these 4 taboos so that she doesn’t get angry with you!

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Cuddle With Your Imouto Everywhere With This Imouto Blanket!

You don't have to spend this winter alone... Do you want to snuggle with cute anime imouto everyday?

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Can You Eat More Than This Cute Japanese Girl?

She might look slender and fragile, but don't let her appearance fool you!

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6 Weird Beauty Products Japan Has Produced

Besides their top notch make up skills, this might be one of Japanese peoples' beauty secrets for their "kawaii" look. But are these actually used? Keep reading to find out more about some ridiculous beauty products for Japanese people.

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How to Look Like Japanese Girls: Igari the Hangover Look

A new trending look in 2015 for Girls: the Japanese Igari Look! This look is a must try for girls, and a perfect look for the upcoming winter season.

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3 Tips To Get Along With Typical Japanese Girls

When you try to get along with Japanese girls, what should you do in the dating? Where should you go to have a meal and what should you give as a present? Let's take a look of some tips to make them endear you by knowing what they like.

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No School Uniform, No School Life? The Reason Why Japanese Girl Need School Uniform

Many of the Japanese school have their own uniform called Seifuku 制服. Some country of you also have school uniform. But in Japan, school uniform play some roles and loved by especially girl's students. Here are the detail and reason Japanese people love their uniform.

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What a great concept! This T-shirt at Village Vanguard is a genius idea!

Hi, it's Macko*! Today I will introduce you A T-shirt sold by Village Vanguard is so amazing that should be mentioned.

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