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Komakusa : Queen Of Alpine Plants

On Mt. Shirane, you can enjoy alpine plants Komakusa(Dicentra peregrina) until the end of August. Shirane is in Kusatsu-machi, Gunma prefecture. Kusatsu Onsen is one of Japan's three top hot springs. You can enjoy mountain climbing and hot springs.

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3 Great Hot Springs You Should Visit In Japan

When it comes to traveling in Japan, you may think of hot springs. Yes, there are too many onsen facilities in Japan, and most of them are famous, so you may wonder which one you should go. It is difficult to choose which one to go, but here are the three great hot springs in Japan.

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Yakumo Onsen: Secluded Hot Springs In Hokkaido

Yakumo is a city in Hokkaido which has several hot springs. Although Yakumo isn't so famous for tourists, everybody went there says it's an amazing experience to visit the onsen in Yakumo.

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5 Rules You Should Know Before Visiting Public Bath Onsen

Onsen is one of the best places to visit during winter. Unfortunately, there are some rules that you should notice before visiting onsen or sento. Here are the rules!

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5 Things To Do In Oita, Japan

Oita is known as the “Onsen Prefecture”. Oita attracts truckloads of travelers every year, all in search for a soothing dip in the midst of gorgeous scenery. But what else is there to do at Oita other than an onsen retreat? Continue reading to find out what Oita has in stock for you!

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5 Things To Do In Miyagi, Japan

What do you expect when you visit Miyagi prefecture? there are several things you better do there.

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Monkeys Discovered a Hot Spring- And They Look Just Like Us!

There is a hot spring for monkeys in Japan! The place is very cold, even for monkeys, and they started going to a hot spring just as humans do. They look just like humans when they are in hot springs.

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Camping at Shibahara Hot Springs!

Hotel Nampuro, Nagasaki Prefecture, opened on November 21 the first glamping facilities at Shimabara Peninsula, where you can enjoy your stay at terraces exclusive for guest rooms.

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See A Volcano, Enjoy Hot Springs And Good Seafoods At Sakurajima

Sakurajima is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

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