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3 Delicious Japanese Sake You Should Drink At Your First Try

More and more people are discovering the charm of Japanese sake as it can be served hot or chilled and used to pair anything from seafood to cocktails. This guide will tell you 3 sakes you should try!

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5 Japanese Alcoholic Drinks You Should Know

Drinking is so common in Japan that there is even a word to describe communicating while drinking: nominication. But what beverages to drink? Here are 5 common kinds of alcohol you should try!

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3 Best Tips When You Miss The Last Train

Oops, the last train is gone now! If you have ever lived or traveled in Japan and missed the last train, you might experience such a shocking moment. Is the fun time over or not? Here are 3 things to do when you miss the last train.

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3 Factors That Decide The Quality Of Sake

Recently, sake is getting more and more popular through the world. But do you know how it's made? It's like wine but made of rice.

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5 Best Sake-matching Food You Have To Try

I bet you want to try sake when visit Japan. But you should know which food goes good with sake to enjoy sake. Here I introduce 5 best food I personally like to combine with sake.

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5 Misunderstandings About Sake You Probablly Have

How much do you know about sake? If you live in Japan for a long time, you should know all of these common misunderstandings. But if not, you probably don't know these facts.

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3 Ways That Japanese Food Culture Influences America

After World War II, the Americans came to Japan to set up military bases, introducing new foods like the Sasebo burger in the process. But this influence isn't a one-way street as Japanese food culture is also picked up by discerning Americans and popularized in America. Here are 3 ways how it influences America:

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3 Popular Teriyaki Cuisine In Japan

Japanese teriyaki dishes are now gaining popularity overseas as one of the finest Japanese meals. Most Japanese people love teriyaki a lot as well as foreigners. Here are 3 popular teriyaki dishes in Japan.

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5 Things To Do In Niigata, Japan

Mention Niigata Prefecture and the world-renowned Koshihikari Rice comes readily to mind. Niigata impresses visitors with delicious rice and sakes, dedicated craftsmanship and deep snowfall.

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Do You Know The Special Sake Made Of Buckwheat Or Sweet Potatoes?

Do you know Shochu? Shochu is a much stronger type of Japanese sake.Let's know about it!

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