Updated: December 08, 2015
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Is Sushi Healthy? Sushi Is One of the Most Wonderful Seafood Cuisines

Have you known that sushi is the abbreviation of "SUrreal SEAfood"? I'm sorry, just joking. But it's true that sushi is one of the most wonderful seafood cuisines from Japan. I have some tips about Sushi.

The great nutrient

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As you know, sushi consists of (vinegared) rice and raw fish. More and more studies have demonstrated fish have many great nutrients which meat misses. One of the most beneficial nutrients is omega-3s, which decrease your serum triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels, fight against aging and improve your brain function. Eating sushi of raw fish allows you to intake this nutrient delectably. Although it tends to be forgot, vinegar is also good for your body. It will reduce your fatigue, strengthen your bone, stimulate your appetite and keep your skin beautiful and young.

Something to be careful about

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However, some people say that raw food is so perishable that sushi can be dangerous. This is true. Raw materials of food are so easy to go bad, so we should preserve them carefully and eat properly. Therefore, in Japan, the chef of sushi is so prestigious and they should endeavor for a long time to be it. Thanks to this heritage, we can be perfectly safe when eating sushi made by such maestros.

But don't be afraid!

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Of course, the easiness to make is also an advantage of sushi. It's a good idea that you make sushi for yourself today. What you should be careful about is, just wash your hands clean before making it, use fresh materials and eat them within today. Have a nice sushi life!
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