Updated: December 08, 2015
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Incredible Japanese Toilet Will Change Your Life!

Many people visit Japan everyday, and what do you guess they are surprised at? The Japanese food? Yes. The culture? Maybe. Actually, what surprises many tourists from overseas are in an ordinary house of Japan. The toilet. Actually, Japanese toilets are so high-tech. But what's high-tech toilet? Let's dig into it.

Some functions

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Japanese toilets have many functions. For example, Japanese toilet cleans your bottom after your business instead of cleaning up by a piece of paper by yourself. It's called bidet. This is an upward squirt aiming at you. Thanks to this function, you can save the piece of paper. One of the most unique functions is called Oto-hime, which is especially for ladies. This is a fake sound of flushing water to cover the embarrassing sound while their business. Many Japanese ladies hate to be heard this sound, so they hide it by using this function. They don't have to flush in fact, so they can save the water.

Where does the fever come from?

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Now nobody exactly knows why the Japanese have been delving into this matter so deeply, but there are some explanations for this. One of them is related to Japanese religious outlook. In Japan, at least historically, they regard god as ubiquitous existence. They think there are many gods in this world and they inhabit everything they see. Toilets were no exception, and the god inhabiting toilets were believed as one in charge of harvest. So, the Japanese people have cherished the place where the god lives.

Some people say...

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Some people say that it's the toilet where they hit on a great idea. So, thinking about the coziness of your toilet can lead to enhancing your productivity or creativity. If you happen to renovate your house or a part of it, how about making your toilet "Japanese-style"?
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