Updated: December 28, 2015
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3 Practices Of Buddhism You Can Try In Japan

Buddhism provides many types of practices for the Buddhist, so that they can find spiritual enlightenment. The practices are called "Syugyou"(修行), and I will introduce 3 primary practices that you can experience in Japan!

1. Zazen(座禅)

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Zazen is a meditative practice popular among tourists. Although the purpose of zazen differs from school to school, it is mainly for enhancing concentration. Sitting on a Japanese cushion called "zabuton", participants make a special pose, casting down their eyes. During zazen, they should stop all thinking and try to achieve the state of a perfect selflessness.

2. Syakyo(写経)

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The practice of copying sutras by hand is called "syakyou". It was originally used to spread the spirit of Buddhism in the early days, in which there was no printing technology. Nowadays, syakyou is popular among Japanese people as well as the tourists to Japan as a primary practice of Buddhism. Participants use a writing brush and China ink, and it takes a long time to copy each letter. In this way, it is effective for cultivating patience.

3. Tea ceremony(茶道)

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Tea ceremony called sadou(茶道) is a traditional ritual that represents the Japanese spirit of hospitality. It is said that the development of the tea ceremony is based on the spirit of Buddha. You are supposed to not just drink green tea, but to experience the Japanese sense of beauty through the process.
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These are the primary practices

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