Updated: January 28, 2016
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Help Out Your Favorite Upcoming Japanese Idol Singers With This Hot New App!

Do you know "Idols" in Japan? These girls are actual Japanese idols. Don't you think they are cute? Lots of people like to support them by using apps. One particular app, called "CHEERZ", enables you to do that. Shall we cheer them on together?

The popularity of IDOL in Japan

Did you know about Idol Culture in Japan? If you have been in Japan, you may have been surprised that they are so popular, and have so many fans.
They are singers, but their style is totally different from other countries' singers and often from one another. They are not perfect, but growing. This is what makes people want to cheer them on so hard. Each idol has a different personality, even though they all seem similar in appearance at first. It's one of the most fun things about the band for Japanese people: to choose which girl you want to cheer on. Japanese idols have just the story every girl has dreamed of. Now the industry is very competitive, so they are doing their best, and aiming for the top!

What is 『CHEERZ』? 

Retina cheerztopscreenshot
『CHEERZ』makes you possible to cheer these idols on. Over 500 idols have already joined, and they post new pictures every day. Users can cheer for their favorite girl, and then they have a better chance to be popular!
Retina cheerzwhatcanwedoscreenshot
You can see their daily life, learn about them on a more personal level, and support them. Then you can watch them grow. It is like finding a little diamond in the rough, and watching it get polished up!

How Does It Work?

Screen322x572 https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/aidoru-ying-yuanapuri-cheerz/id931749940?mt=8
1. Girls post their pictures everyday.
Screen322x572 https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/aidoru-ying-yuanapuri-cheerz/id931749940?mt=8
2. You can support them and become their fans.
Screen322x572 https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/aidoru-ying-yuanapuri-cheerz/id931749940?mt=8
3, The girls who can get "Cheers" will get opportunities to show up on TV or even in magazines.
Screen322x572 https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/aidoru-ying-yuanapuri-cheerz/id931749940?mt=8
4, If you are in the top rankings, you can appeal for your favorite girl. And you can check the latest news about the idol you support, too.
Screen322x572 https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/aidoru-ying-yuanapuri-cheerz/id931749940?mt=8
Being in the top of the ranking for your favorite or finding the next upcoming star is up to you!


Retina rankingcheerzscreenshot
The higher your ranking, the more you get the chance to help people show up in various media or events by pushing the CHEER button. It's also great for fans to know their favorite girls are getting famous. It's worthwhile for sure!
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The appeal point of this app is that it ranks the users. The more you "cheer" the girls, the higher you can be on this ranking. It's displayed in your favorite girl's page, so they will know your rank. This is so great for fans, of course. Your idols will start to recognize you!

What do they post everyday?

CHEERZ is connected with Twitter. Let's take a look at their posts.

Popular Idols You Can Follow

Retina cheerzappscreenshot
Cheer is available for use in English. French, Chinese and Japanese.
Retina      1
Kamiyado is an idol group from Harajuku.
They are working to show you K=KAWAII,M=MAX,Y=YELL,and D=DREAM.
They are popular and always high in the ranking.

Retina drop
They were born from the Japanese association Twin Tail. All of members are stunning, especially Hikari Takiguchi. She is said to be the most beautiful one out of 2000 girls. By the way, their fans are called "Sakuma-" which is the name of a candy(drop) in Japan.
Retina bpm15q
BPM15Q is a new age vocal unit of just two girls, Ichigo Rinahamu and Nikamokyu. They don't belong to any production company. They are freelance in the idol industry. Their sound is totally different, and people are paying attention to them now.
Aoyama☆ Saint Hachamecha High School
Hachamecha means kind of "crazy" and "messy". They are the fun kind of crazy in the world! Their nickname is Mechahai. Their aim is have a concert at the Budokan. They are trying hard to make their dream come true, so help them out!
petit pas!
This group is said to be "the most kawaii Idol in Tokyo". The members of Petit Pas are also working as models and DJs. They always pretty high in the ranking.


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