Updated: December 20, 2015
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Christmas Tree Which Is Collaborated With Japanese Traditional And French Modern At The Andaz Tokyo

A Christmas tree which is only one in the world is at the lobby of Andaz Tokyo in Toranomon. This Christmas tree is the masterpiece of collaborating with Japanese tradition and French modern. Absolutely it worth seeing.

Christmas Tree with French modern and Japanese Traditional?

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Look at this! This is a Christmas tree at the Andaz Tokyo!! French artist Marianne Guély, Japanese paper company TAKEO and Japanese craftsman Takeshi Nishimura worked together for this beautiful Christmas tree. It is absolutely only one in the world.
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It made of fine papers which is made by TAKEO Co., Ltd. Each one of paper leaves are engraved by Takeshi Nishimura such as a deer, owl which are the national animals in Japan. Then Marianne cut them this beautiful shape.

People who made this beautiful work

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French artist Marianne Guély and Japanese traditional craftsman Takeshi Nishimura both are famous for their works.

Marianne Guély is a designer who works based in Paris. She is well known for her poetic space which is made of papers. She produced nstallation art of Christian Dior, Cartier,Hermès etc.

Text image 01 http://www.nishimura-yuzen-chokoku.com/en/index.php
Takeshi Nishimura started Yuzen engraving business after he had learned from his master of Yuzen engraving. He creates works of Japanese traditional patterns, landscapes, portrays by his Yuzen Chokoku skill. They inspire us "warm","Comfort" and "spirit of Japanese". He keeps in his mind that somehow touches our hearts for creating works. Also he is globally working not only in Japan but such as France, Italy, Shanghai.
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TAKEO Co., Ltd. is a specialized paper trading company. They globally lead this industry and produce the fine papers which creatively stimulate designers. Marianne and Nishimura used TAKEO's fine paper which is coated by gold powder.

Potential of Collaboration with Japanese Traditional

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Have you imagined the one which is collaborated by French modern and Japanese traditional?
As you can see, there are potentials of Japanese traditional to collaborate with something and create new one.

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