Updated: January 08, 2016
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Can You Accept A Challenge To Solve This Rubik's Cube?

From Japan, a really complicated Rubik's cube is coming! This may just be a big challenge for you!

Rubik's Color Blocks

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Japanese Toy factory MEGAHAUSE released new line of Rubik's Cube.

This looks like a common Rubik's Cube... but it's certainly something different. This Rubik's Cube consists of blocks of different sizes!
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Whenever it turns, the form changes! If you can complete it, comes back to a cube. It is a fun Rubik's cube challenge that is difficult, but not so much so that it is impossible to be mastered by someone who already knows how to complete a 3x3 Rubik's cube.
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I really like this! This idea is so cool. Just amazing!

Rubik's Mirror Blocks

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This one is more complicated! This is a very unique take on the original Rubik's Cube. All surfaces are same color (3x3).
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I think this cube is more like a piece of art. Out of the box, it turns beautifully! I've never seen such a complicated and artistic Rubik's Cube.
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Do you wanna try to solve this Rubik's Cube?
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