Updated: November 15, 2016
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The Detailed History Of "LOL" Of Japanese

Some conservative people hate to use slang, but they are authentic words of the language and very interesting to study, especially about funny one. In fact, much of slang has an intriguing history about its origin. Let's see one of Japanese Internet slang: "w".

#1 What's "w"?

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When you see the Japanese online forum or something like that, many people use the letter, "w", at the end of their sentences. What's that?

Actually, it means they are laughing. The similar expression in English must be "lol", but the Japanese one can repeat itself as many as they want to.

#2 Why "w"?

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At first, Japanese people expressed their laughing by this:(笑)

This kanji represents smiling and laughing, and it is pronounced like, "warai". Yes, "w" is the first letter of it. Thus, they started to use w to express they are laughing at something funny they see on the Internet. The harder they laugh, the more w appears. The traditional Internet users tend to use them at least 3 per laughing.

#3 Now, something is changing...

However, the trend of the Internet is so prone to change. Now, not as many people as before use w to express their laughing. What they use instead? They say, "Wow, it's grassing."
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#4 Why grassing?

Grass means the low-height plant you can see in your garden or anywhere. Yes, it is what you should cut, trim, or pull out in order to keep your garden clean and beautiful. Why are they related to laughing?

Watch closely the shape of "w". If you repeat it many times:


Wow, it looks grass! Yes, that's why. When they see something funny, they will say, "It's grassing" or "That's grassing all over my face," instead of just typing "w".

By the way, when you use this phrase, don't use w with it. If you say, "It's grassing wwww", the traditional Internet-savvy will find you a novice. Wow, it's so complicated a world. Grassing.
Akitsugu Domoto

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