Updated: January 18, 2016
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3 Uncommon Unique Jobs You Can Get In Japan

It is difficult to find the perfect job for oneself; many people are struggling for it, while some compromise to some extent. But before giving up, how about checking Japanese unique work?

#1 Kimono Master

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You must know about kimono, the Japanese traditional clothing. However, it is difficult to wear perfectly for its shape. Therefore, in Japan, there are people who professionally teach and help with kimono dressing for others.

Of course, in order to become a kimono master, you should practice it for a long time and also learn the history of kimono. It is a long track.

#2 Buddha Cleaner

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Whenever you see the statue of Buddha in Japanese temples, they are always cleaned. No dust is on them and they even seem to shine everyday. Why?

Actually, there are the professionals who clean the statue. It's like a cleaning staff on the glass of buildings, but they are so accustomed to the job that they don't need harnesses.

It must be one of the most auspicious jobs because it is (literally) the nearest position to Buddha.

#3 Figure Modeler And Maker

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In Japan, many people collect figures of characters. They are the models of characters, and the detail is so complicated that nobody but a few people who have the know-how can make them.

So, there are people who model and recreate the characters. They make such figurines, and others buy them. Sometimes, just one can cost more than 10,000 yen!
Akitsugu Domoto

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