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"KITAN CLUB 10th year anniversary exhibition" started on December 11th, 2015. You can observe 10 years chock full of their history.

10 year history Of The Production Resulted In 2,500 Items

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"KITAN CLUB 10th year anniversary exhibition" started on December 11th, 2015 at the PARCO museum at the Shibuya PARCO Part 1 in Tokyo, which will run until December 27th.
You can observe 10 years chock full of their history, where they continuously produced many unique items such as "Cup no Fuchico (Fuchico sitting on the rim of a cup)." I went there ahead of everybody else to do this report.
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Right after arriving at the exhibition, the photo spot of "Cup no Fuchico" caught my eye first, which is the main feature here. "Cup no Fuchico" is a super hit item which has sold 10 million pieces in total. The life-sized figure of Fuchico-san was created as a special design for "Fuchico of KITAN CLUB 10th year anniversary."
She is sporting a gold outfit and is holding a large sized capsule of Gacha Gacha (a coin operated toy machine) in her hands. The inside of the large capsule is filled with capsules of the regular sized "Cup no Fuchico." You can sit next to her and get your picture taken.
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The items are lined up in an endless array and have been selling since 2005. The overwhelming numbers of them is a really spectacular sight. The panel exhibition corner describes the fascinating history that KITAN CLUB went through. There are as many as 2,500 items on display.
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KITAN CLUB began producing realistically shaped animal figures. Now, they still make a lot of them every year, having a high level of quality and figures that evolve each and every year.
Their variations change from the faithfully reproduced figures to items with comical movement and facial expressions, and etc.
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There are also collaborated items with celebrities and animated characters. I believe some people might come to know the name of KITAN CLUB from these collaborated items. Animated items like "La Fillette Revolutionnaire Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)," "Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Magical Girl Madoka Magica)" are on display.
At the end of the exhibition, you can enjoy sketches by Mr. Katsuki Tanaka who designed "Cup no Fuchico" and one decorated room full of her memorabilia.
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Near the exit area, there are as many as 160 Gacha Gacha machines. In addition to "Fuchico of KITAN CLUB 10th year anniversary," the "Savanna gold version" is lined up for early sale, as well as non-circulating items from the past, and more. This exhibition might give you the precious opportunity to obtain rare items that you can hardly find anywhere else.
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You can also purchase goods other than items from Gacha Gacha machines. The "Book of KITAN CLUB - Cup no Fuchico with her pleasant friends" is being sold in advance and is their first book, which introduces all items printed on full color pages in great detail.
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This is a compilation of their 10th year anniversary and when I look back at their history which has produced various collaborations and movements, I also felt a surging of further expectations for the future of KITAN CLUB.
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