Updated: February 26, 2016
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Sushi Filled In A Bean Bag? Meet Inarizushi

Did you know that there's a sushi which looks totally different with the others? Introducing Inarizushi which is kind of a sushi ball that is wrapped up with seasoned "aburaage" (deep fried Tofu). Try the new taste.

Sushi which looks totally different from what you know

Sushi is popular all over the world. However, some may hesitate to eat raw fish. And I am one of those. Then why don’t you try Inarizushi? It is kind of a sushi ball that is wrapped up with seasoned "abruaage" (deep fried Tofu). Some rice includes hijiki seaweed, sesame seed, and other vegetables like tiny-cropped carrots or shiitake mushrooms. Those called Gomoku Inari.
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Handy, Tasty, and Cheaper

Inarizushi is easy to eat with hands or chopsticks. It is available at supermarkets, sushi shops, and convenience stores as well. However, hand-made is the most delicious and convenient to bring those to picnics.
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I Know Sushi, What's "Inari"?

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Why is it called Inarizushi by the way? Inarizushi is also called Oinari San; the concept is related to Shinto religion. Inari Okami is Japanese God of foxes and other agricultural materials. The fox god was not particularly fond of Aburaage or Inarizushi; however, ancient Japanese started to give the offerings. Now it has become a tradition to relate those Inarizushi and foxes. And there is even rumor that foxes like those rice pouches. Japanese food has its own history and some meanings.
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