Updated: March 11, 2016
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What Do Japanese Eat For Breakfast?

What do Japanese eat for breakfast? Japanese style or western style? You might wonder. The answer is both!

Typical Japanese Breakfast

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A typical Japanese breakfast is rice, miso soup, and natto (fermented soy beans). Perhaps sunny side egg or rolled omelets called tamagoyaki might be along with that menu. Broiled salted salmon is popular for the typical Japanese breakfast.

The Reality

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However, most of adults are too busy to have breakfast in the morning. Some may say breakfast is just only a cup of coffee or a hot soup. And end up in having an energy bar at a work place.

Western Breakfast?

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Western style breakfast goes like some slices of toasts, bagels, or English muffins and omelets with some salads, yogurt, bacons, or sausages. They may have a bowl of cereals, granola, or even oatmeal for an easier choice. Having fruits is also a good idea to make body and mind fully wake up. If they have more time to prepare and cook in the morning, they might have some French toasts or grilled cheese sandwich. For more health benefits, a glass of fruits and vegetable smoothies is great to have in the morning.
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Either way, whether in Japanese or Western style, breakfast is important to start a brand new day!
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