Updated: November 08, 2016
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KOTATSU: The Best Japanese Invention For People Who Don't Like Cold Winter

Have you ever tried Japanese kotatsu? Kotatsu is the traditional heating apparatus loved by the Japanese for a long time. Experience the feelings of relaxation and happiness. Kotatsu is definitely worth trying!


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Kotatsu is the traditional Japanese furniture used as a heater. It is a wooden table equipped with a heat source underneath, and covered by the heavy blanket called "futon". Every winter, people set up kotatsu to survive the winter cold. Unlike other heating apparatuses, people can feel warmth directly, so it is still popular in Japan.

Japanese associate oranges with kotatsu

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Despite there being no particular rules, one traditionally eats oranges in kotatsu. Even Japanese are not sure why they eat oranges in kotatsu, but it is said that they started to eat oranges because they are the best fruit to prevent from catching colds.

Be careful!

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Once putting yourself in kotatsu, you will never want to get out because it is really comfortable, and kotatsu will easily makes you drowsy and lazy. However, if you sleep in kotatsu, you will catch a cold. What's worse, it is possible to become dehydrated because of the temperature difference, and you could even get a brain disease from this, so no matter how comfortable it is, go to your bed to sleep!
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Everyone loves kotatsu

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Kotatsu is the place where the family get together and enjoying talking to each other, so kotatsu is the symbol of a happy home.
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