Updated: January 12, 2016
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Exclusive From Japan: Star Wars Ukiyoe and Premium Home Collection!

Celebrate the newly released, seventh installment of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Original Star Wars Collections in collaboration with Lucasfilms, for limited time only!

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Good news everyone! Starting from December 18th, Japanese company IDC Otsuka Furnitures (in collaboration with Lucasfilms) produced these Star Wars premium home goods- and they will be exhibited exclusively in a Shinjuku showroom!

These collections are a must for hardcore collectors and enthusiasts, but can be enjoyed be all fans, too!
Several types of items are offered, ranging from tableware, mats, rugs, limited edition cushions, etc., and a total of 150 items will be exhibited and sold in this showroom.

The exhibition will only be available for a limited period, lasting until the middle of January, 2016--be sure to drop around when visiting Japan!

Showroom Location

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Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-33-1
Telephone 03-5379-4321
Business Hours: 10.30-20.00 (no holidays except year end)


Best Seller: Star Wars Ukiyoe

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Ukiyoe is a traditional Japanese art from the Edo period.

Depicting the highly popular Episode 5's beginning: the Battle of Hoth, with a touch of the traditional taste of Japan in a rare and highly in demand ukiyoe (woodblock pictures), this ukiyoe is a collector's must have!

Originally a limited edition (only 200 pieces were prepared) at its first appearance to public, it was sold out in a single day.

It is now open for reservation order starting from December 18th, 10.30, but it's a bit pricey:

54,000 Yen (with tax) + 15,120 Yen (binding fee)
That's 575 US dollars.

Other Collections

Product02 http://www.idc-otsuka.jp/starwars/
Transform your boring, everyday space to a brand new universe, lost inside the star wars' galaxy world with this Exclusive Home Collection from Japan!

Here is our favorite collection offered:
(For full catalog, head to the official website.)

Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi http://www.idc-otsuka.jp/starwars/
Star Wars Characters transformed into Japanese Traditional Dolls - Kokeshi (こけし)

5,400 Yen each (tax excluded)

For Other Star Wars Related Collections:

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