Updated: January 08, 2016
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3 Most Amazing And Interesting Toys You've Never Seen

Japan has been inventing a lot of amazing toys. Thanks to the progress of technology, Japanese toys are so sophisticated that even adults get addicted to them. I will introduce 3 toys that will catch your eye!

1. Mimicry Pet

Item 11 http://goo.gl/MdrdtT
This just looks like a lovely doll, but it can speak! As the name suggests, the mimicry pet can "mimic" whatever you say, as well as the volume, tone, and speed of your voice. It can make responses to any language, so everyone can play with it! It's simple, but really fun.

2. Picturerium

Spec http://goo.gl/LlWy3n
This toy won the prize for the Japanese Toy Award 2015. The name of the picturerium is a combination of "picture" and "aquarium". Using your iPhone, you can let hand-drawn fish swim freely in the magical tank. The movement of the drawn fish seems very similar to real fish, so it looks as if the fish are alive. The picturerium is one of the most innovative toys in the world. The progressive technology of this toy is so surprising!

3. Kurohige Kiki-Ippatsu (黒ひげ危機一髪)

Btn11 a http://goo.gl/7Tl5Bl
Kurohige kiki-ippatsu is one of the best-selling toys is existence since 1975. Players take turns inserting the plastic swords into the slot of their choice, and you lose if the pirate pops out of the barrel. Because the specific hole that makes pirate pop out changes randomly, you can't predict it at all. It totally depends on luck!
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