Updated: January 10, 2017
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3 Useful Japanese Stationary You Should Buy

Introduce Japanese stationary which is pretty much cool in various ways. These stationaries will surprise you and be in your list of things to buy in Japan!

High quality Japanese stationary

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Japanese stationary is pretty much cool in various ways. Since technology has been dominated this world. Hence, it seems you don't need pens and papers anymore. But I believe it's wrong.
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If the stationary has a lot more of cool features, those stationary items may beat up technology.


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The best example is erasable pens that are called, "frixion", which has special types of ink with an eraser on the top of it. You can write, erase, re-write, and erase till you can be satisfied with your own writings.

#2 Post it by 3M

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Another example is a thin post it labels.
Although 3M is an Ameican company, 3M Japan Group has produced its original items in Japan.
Those tiny and thin posts it labels are convenient compared to using large ones.
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You may use it as a highlighter so easily. And most of them are colorful which is entertaining.

#3 Stapleless Stapler by KOKUYO

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And stapleless staplers! It gets sometimes worry some to think how many staplers are left.
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You don't have to worry about a thing if you use a staple less staplers! It will not bite your fingers and much safer than the regular ones!
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