Updated: December 14, 2016
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Let's Walk Around Asakusa: Most Popular Tourists Spot In Tokyo

There are lots of other places to visit and look around Asakusa area except Sensoji temple. Asakusa is usually seemed traditional and old city but Skytree and other new buildings are there also.

Not only Sensoji but...

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When it comes to Asakusa, you know where you’d better go - Sensoji temple. Visiting the temple is almost like a must.
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Yet, there are lots of other places to visit and look around Asakusa area.

Tokyo Skytree

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Now that Tokyo Skytree is welcoming people to view the Tokyo scenery from super high above, it’s another sightseeing place that you should visit. Since Tokyo Skytree was opened back in 2012, the area has been well developed. Both of the mixture of traditional and modern culture is there to see.
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The night view from Skytree is definitely amazing.

まるごとにっぽん / Marugoto Nippon

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Marugoto Nippon is a shopping mall which has a lot of local products from everywhere in Japan. I bet you can have a blast there. There are not only traditional crafts, but also local food! You can literally enjoy all the prefecture's specialties in Marugoto Nippon!

Retro coffee shops

There are a lot of retro and classic style coffee shops and restaurants in Asakusa. You might be able to enjoy meal like omurice, napolitan spaghetti, katsudon, etc. Not only those retro cafe, but also stylish and sophisticated new style cafe is located nowadays.

Imado Shrine / 今戸神社

There is a shrine called Imado Jinja, which is said that you can find an ideal partner if you go and pray there.

Hanayashiki / 花やしき

What's more, there is a small theme park called Hanayashiki in Asakusa.
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