Updated: December 25, 2015
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Otoshidama: Japanese New Year's Gift For Kids

Different with the other countries, in New Year’s Eve, Japanese children are waiting for New Year’s gift, money. The cash is given to kids in special envelopes when visiting relatives over the New Year holiday. If you don’t have some kind of this custom, let’s know more about it then!

What is Otoshidama?

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Traditionally, all older relatives give money to younger children.

How much do they give ?

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The amount of the money depends on their family relationships, age, and etc. The normal amount that they usually give is a couple thousand yen for younger kids, up to five thousand yen for elementary school kids, and more for junior high school kids.

Save money

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Their parents usually say to their children to do savings after they got these Otoshidama every year, once they have enough money to buy something that they want, they will use it. What such a good custom, isn’t it?
Japanese food!!!!

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