Updated: January 06, 2016
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Anime vs Reality in Japan

Lots of people seem to think anime and real Japan are exactly the same. Actually, they are few things they are realistic- but not everything. So, here are some of the differences and similarities between anime fiction and reality in Japan.


Loud Laughter

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Some people in anime hold their sides with laughter when something funny happens. However, most people laugh quietly in Japan. Even if you see someone doing this, it is extremely rare.

Nose bubble

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Some characters are sleeping with a nose bubble. That's not a real thing (unless you're a baby.)



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Japanese people usually don't have blue eyes or round eyes. They have black or very dark brown eyes, and they are slanted.



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Anime artists actually go to schools, take pictures, and sometimes even make their drawings by tracing.

Going to the Roof of the School

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The people in anime always go up the roof of their school. This is real. Some people eat lunch on the roof, but it depends on the school.

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