Updated: January 08, 2016
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The Hottest Figures You've Ever Seen ~ONE PIECE~

The hottest figures ever seen are here! This is for all ONE PIECE fans! Check out these photos!

NEW Nico Robin Figure

Retina img 70925 1
Anime One Piece's new sexy Nico Robin figure is coming! The figure shows Robin in a bikini bottom, short blue sweatshirt, and hair tied back.
Retina img 70925 6
She really is so sexy! You can't miss her!

The 1/8-scale figure measures 130mm high.


1000097896 1 http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c0023/0001/item-1000097896/
Nami is one girl we must not miss; she's one of the sexiest girls in ONE PIECE!
1000097896 10 http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c0023/0001/item-1000097896/
She is high quality, detailed, and looks just like the anime. This figure of her is the best I have seen.

Boa Hancock

1000007233 5 http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c0023/0001/item-1000007233/
What a lovely figurine! Boa Hancock is one of my favorite characters. It is definitely worth collecting it if you're a ONE PIECE fan.
1000007233 3 http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c0023/0001/item-1000007233/
Amazing sculpture!!! The hair, the bikini, the skin...all parts are perfect. You should add this to your collection.


1000082999 8 http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c0023/0001/item-1000082999/
Sexy fighter Khalifa is here!!
1000082999 1 http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c0023/0001/item-1000082999/
Fantastic attention to detail and a very welcome addition to your collection.


1000093246 1 http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c0023/0001/item-1000093246/
A Chief Guard of Impel Down "Sadie" is here! Her long curled orange hair is so beautiful!
1000093246 4 http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c0023/0001/item-1000093246/
I wanna recommend her to everybody who loves "Sadie". Take this figure to your collection!
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