Updated: July 07, 2016
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Have You Heard About The Sushi In A Bowl?

Let's know about Chirashi-zushi which is bowl with fish, vegetables, and other various ingredients.

"Chirashi-zushi", unlike other sushis

The word “Chirashi” in Japanese mean “scattered”, it is a fitting name as Chirashi-zushi (sushi) is a bowl with fish, vegetables, and other various ingredients. In a way Chirashi-zushi could be called the salad of sushi.
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Make Easy (perhaps not as easy as it seems, but), Eat Easy!

The rice used in Chirashi-zushi is seasoned sushi rice and while the ingredients are consistent with other typical sushi menu items the main difference is that the preparation of Chirashi-zushi involves no rolling or shaping making Chirashi-zushi both easy to make and easy to eat.
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Unlike Chirashi-zushi found in sushi restaurants, in Japan the most popular version of Chirashi-zushi contains no meat at all and often consists of rice, fried tofu, and vegetables. Much like many other Japanese dish there is not really a set recipe with method and ingredients differs from region to region and even household to household. In the restaurant setting choice of ingredients are often left up to chef or the preference of the customers themselves.

Next time you find yourself in a sushi restaurant treat yourself to something different and grab a bowl of Chirashi-zushi!
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