Updated: February 04, 2017
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A littleWeird But Very Popular Food From Japan, Mentaiko(明太子)

Japanese people like to eat weird food that isn't popular abroad. You might know some like raw octopus, horse meat or fish sperm. Next one is mentaiko, which is made of roes taken from Cod and Pollock.

Roes In Japanese Cuisine

If you are familiar with Japanese food then you may also be familiar with some of the different fish roes such as Salmon roes (Ikura) and Flying Fish roes (Tobiko) that are commonly used in various Japanese dishes. To say the least is that fish roes are indeed a pretty big part of Japanese cuisine in general.
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So, Do You Know Mentaiko?

Aside from the usual options mentioned above, have you ever tried mentaiko?

It’s a pretty safe bet that most people would answer that question with another question of, “what’s mentaiko?”
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To answer that question, mentaiko is roes taken from cod and pollock, then marinated much in the same fashion as other roes used in Japanese cuisine. The usual usage of Mentaiko is as an ingredient for onigiri, another Japanese favorite but it also makes an excellent accompaniment to a pint of beer or some sake.

A little useful bit of information about the origin of mentaiko is that it was introduced to Japan by the Russian after the Russo-Japanese war.

Next time you decide to be adventurous give mentaiko a whirl!

Here's a video of a courageous girl tired mentaiko.
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