Updated: January 23, 2016
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Kushikatsu, Meat On Stick Equals Happiness!

Kushikatsu is deep-fried meat and vegetables on a stick!

While it is not a scientific fact, it is a generally accepted notion that food tastes better on a stick. There is also another generally accepted notion that any food tastes better deep-fried. Putting these two notions together should make something that doubles that deliciousness, right? Kushikatsu is just that, deep-fried meat and vegetables on a stick!
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The name Kushikatsu almost literally refers to deep-fried meat on a stick as the word “kushi” refers to skewers being used, and the word “katsu” refers to deep-fried cutlet of meat. The Kushikatsu is battered in egg, flour, and panko and deep-fried in vegetable oil and often served with Tonkatsu sauce and Miso sauce.
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Who would have thought that putting seafood, pork, chicken, and vegetables on a bamboo stick and battered deep-friend could bring so much happiness? Perhaps the aforementioned notions were right all along.
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