Updated: February 08, 2016
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Bean-Throwing Ceremony, Setsubun On February 3rd

There is annual winter event called setsubun or bean-throwing ceremony on February 3rd in Japan. It can be very crazy...

Annual winter event "Setsubun"

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There is annual winter event called setsubun or bean-throwing ceremony on February 3rd in Japan. You may think, why do they throw beans on a particular day? Here’s why.

It's related to the Lunar New Year

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February 3rd is the eve of the beginning of spring. It’s partly related to the Lunar New Year.

Throwing beans is called "Mamemaki"

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Throwing beans is considered as cleansing away the evils from the previous year and preventing all the misfortunes. The traditional ritual of throwing beans is called, “mamemaki.”

Evils go outside!!

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Usually roasted soy beans are used for throwing. While throwing those beans, they say, “Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi!” This means, “Evils, go outside. Come, lucks inside!”

Why don't you try?

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Although this custom is manly for kids, it's fun to celebrate like this to experience Japanese culture.

It’s considered good to eat those fortune beans for the number of one’s age, which is superstitiously thought to stay healthy and be stronger. This winter, why don’t you try this ceremony at home to bring luck in, to expel out the evils?

Extreme Mamemaki

There's an event called "Sugoi Mamemaki" which means extreme bean-throwing. It's literally extreme. About 4,000kg(8800lb) of beans are thrown in the event. The tickets of the event are sold out less than a hour every year.

Here is a short video of the event.

Japanese food!!!!

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