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Beautiful Women From Diffenrent Prefectures In Japan

People regard Japan as a homogeneous country, but even in Japan, there are subtle differences in the way ladies from different parts of Japan look.

People regard Japan as a homogeneous country, but even in Japan, there are subtle differences in the way ladies from different parts of Japan look. So where can we find the most stunning beauties in Japan? If you ask Japanese people, they will often tell you that women from these three prefectures are considered to be attractive. Just what are these prefectures? More importantly, do they coincide with your opinion on who’s most beautiful in Japan?

Okinawa beauties

Okinawa ladies stand out for their looks with their double eyelids, sharp noses with high bridges and finely chiseled faces. Okinawa was predominantly inhabited by Jomon-jin people in the past, hence the reason for them having such well-defined features. They will also charm you with their chatty personality!

A video of a famous Okinawan actress, Yui Aragaki.
She is also Okinawan; Meisa Kuroki.

Niigata beauties

Niigata is blessed with clean air and water. Coupled with its cold winters, these favorable factors help maintain the fair porcelain skin of Niigata women. They are also among the tallest women in Japan. Combined with their impeccable sense of style, they’ll definitely attract your eye in a crowd!
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They are an idol group in Niigata, called Negicco.

A short documentary video about them.

Fukuoka beauties

In the past, Fukuoka served as a window to trade as it was located strategically near China and Korea. Hence, Fukuoka women—eager to extend hospitality to foreign businessmen—felt the need to present their best self in terms of grooming and appearance. This mentality of wanting to be thought of as beautiful has passed down through the ages, so it’s no wonder Fukuoka women are always impeccably dressed with style and flair!

Kanna Hashimoto, is an idol from Fukuoka. She became very famous after one picture of her got viral on the internet.
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This is the one called "a miracle shot".
She is been so famous that you see her everyday on TV shows and ads.
News xlarge gintama kagura http://wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/gintama-film/
She plays Kagura in Gintama Movie, which will be released next summer.
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