Updated: January 15, 2016
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Bosai: Japanese Ways To Prevent Disasters

Do you know the word "Bosai"? Bosai means to prevent disasters. You know, Japan experienced big earthquake and tsunami. It's one of the countries which is not able to avoid natural disasters. So we need to know how to reduce its damege.

It's not rare that happen disasters in Japan

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Japan has many earthquakes. When it’s a larger scale, tsunami occurs as well. Magnitude 3 or 4 scale is not so much to worry about; however, more than 5 scales is to worry about. Since there are lots of quakes, the Japanese are trying to be well prepared for bigger scales.

It's possible to reduce its damege

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In education, in media, in engineering perspectives, it’s impossible to avoid natural disasters. However, it’s possible to reduce its damage.

To know what is going on

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What do they do to prevent disasters? Firstly most of them have emergency alert in their mobile phones. It’s automatically sent to the individuals to notify or even forecast the quakes. There are some useful apps to inform us where the nearest evacuation shelter is.

Food stocking

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Secondly, they have water and canned food stocked in their own house. In case of evacuation, you will need those supplies. Stocking the supplies is the way to survive. The key is to reduce the damage not to tackle against it.
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