Updated: February 10, 2016
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Japanese Book Town : Jinbou-cho

Do you know of the Japanese book town? It's name is Jinbou-cho. There are a lot of schools, universities and book stores. But these aren't your typical book stores, there are very maniac-like book stores on both sides of a street.

What is Jinbou-cho?

Jinbou-cho is located in northern Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
In the center of this town, there is Yasukuni street from east to the west, and Hakusan street passing from north to south. The intersection is Jinbou-cho Kosaten, in the center of the town.
A lot of book stores, publishers and wholesalers are located around this intersection, so the town is known as the world's largest book town.
There are even some shops selling originals of dismantling Shinsho (Kaitai shinsho). In particular,there are a lot of antiquarian bookshops located within the town. The largest bookstore of Jinbou-cho is "Sanseido bookstore Jinbocho head office", and has become a landmark of Jimbocho.

Secondhand book festivals and Jinbocho book festivals are often carried out every year.
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The bookstores in Jinbou-chou

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There are 176 book shops in Jinbou-cho, let me introduce some to you!

Nihon shobo

A specialist in classical literature.
You can learn about "Washo" readily in this book store.
Many books created in the Edo period are sold at this store.
Pic usedbook nihonshobou 1 http://go-jimbou.info/hon/huruhon/huruhon011_nihonshobou.html

Gyokueido shoten

This store opened in 1902, making it over 100 years since this store first opened.
On the first floor many detective stories or other kind of novels can be found.
The second floor is dedicated more towards antiquarian books.
All such books are treated especially carefully.
Pic usedbook gyokueido 1 http://go-jimbou.info/hon/huruhon/huruhon009_gyokueido.html

Kitazawa shoten

This shop deals only only foreign books.
It opened in 1902, and has been a specialty store on foreign books since 1955.
This store's characteristic is it's gorgeous interior like a library of a western castle.
Pic usedbook kitazawa 1 http://go-jimbou.info/hon/huruhon/huruhon004_kitazawa.html


This shop is very eccentric.
They treat only in old movie posters or pamphlets (and brochures).
I think this store is the most interesting in Jinbou-cho book store because it deals in really rare things.
Vintage goods about movies are highly interesting for not only enthusiasts but also common people, so if you go to Jinbou-cho, you must visit this shop!

Pic usedbook wonder 1 http://go-jimbou.info/hon/huruhon/huruhon008_wonder.html

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