Updated: February 15, 2016
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Vespa Mandarinia: The Most Dangerous Animal In Japan

What's the most dangerous animal in Japan? Wolves? No. Bears? No. Sharks? No. They are much "smaller" and really "neighboring": Vespa mandarinia.

What is Vespa mandarinia?

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In short, they are hornets. Some people call them "yellow hornet" or "yellow jacket" for their yellow patterns on the body. Once they sting you, you feel intensive pain and it will last for a long time, sometimes more than 1 day. Not a few people are killed by them; actually, this kind of hornets kill much more people than snakes in many mountains. ... Mountains?

Where is Vespa mandarinia?

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They live in many mountains, so you should take care of yourself when hiking up a big mountain. So, are you safe if you're not a mountaineer? Unfortunately not.
Their nests are built under roofs that can be of ordinary houses. The condition for them to build a nest is that the place should be warm and safe from rain. If you see the nest of them, never get close to it.

How dangerous is Vespa mandrinia?

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As I said, they kill many people every year. Their sting will bring about intensive pain and sometimes death. If you have experienced the sting once, the next sting is much more dangerous for potential anaphylactic shock, which is extreme response of your body to the venom of the hornets and can lead to death.
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If you got stung, never hesitate to see a doctor or call an ambulance to visit a nearby hospital. The anaphylactic reaction occurs within 15 minutes after the sting, and it's the time limit. Remember.

How to avoid Vespa mandrinia?

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They are most active in August and September in Japan, so if you visit mountains or places of great nature in that time, be careful.
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The other tips to avoid the sting from them are: Wear white clothes; don't stand high near them; don't put perfume on you; don't get close to their nest; don't swing your arm to try to chase off them, which will turn them bellicose; don't scream, which also makes them mad.
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Now, you must have realized the danger of Vespa mandrinia. However, they are also indicators of the nature of Japan that remains. Understanding them properly will make your travel to Japan much more enjoyable anyway.
Akitsugu Domoto

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