Updated: June 17, 2017
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The Another Way To Eat Tofu, Agedashi Dofu

There is something that is truly universal about tofu with its neutral taste tofu may be made an ingredient in so many different dishes.

Simple yet complex

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Agedashi Dofu is tofu served hot, in a way that is the signature of Japanese cooking, simple yet complex. The cubed silken firm tofu is deep fried in oil after the tofu is dusted in cornstarch or potato starch.

Tastes Japanese style

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The tofu is then served in a broth called Tentsuyu that is made from Dashi, Mirin, and Japanese soy sauce.

Try and tell us your opinion

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Then the chef brings it all together by topping the tofu with finely chopped spring onions, grated daikon, and dried bonito flakes. It is a common theme in many different Japanese cuisine that many seeming plain ingredients may be bring together to make a dish that has subtle yet complex taste to it, and Agedashi Dofu is the perfect example of that.

Where Can I Eat Agedashi Dofu?

Agedashi dofu can be eaten at a Izakaya or a Set Meal Restaurants. It also sells at supermarkets and convenience stores, so you can take out as well.
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