Updated: February 26, 2016
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3 Unbelievably Dangerous Festivals Of Japan!

In Japan, a tremendous number of festivals are held every year, and some of them are so dangerous that participants can get injured!

1. Onbashira Festival (御柱祭)

Retina pixta 1347118 m
Onbashira festival is held every 6 years in Nagano prefecture.
The purpose of the festival is to drag 16 selected huge fir trees from the mountain, aiming toward the Suwa shrine(諏訪大社).
The festival mainly consists of two parts: "Yamadashi" in April and "Satobiki" in May.
Kiotoshizaka http://goo.gl/iVr3lJ
Yamadashi involves dragging the trees along the steep slopes of the mountain, which is called "Kiotoshi".
As the tree accelerates downward, the men riding on the tree are often dropped and run over. It is so dangerous that some are injured, but some of these men try to do so in order to prove their bravery.
After Kiotoshi, the tree goes into, and crosses the river. In April, the water is very cold, so the men are often testing their patience.
Harumiya saka http://goo.gl/Xf2wB9
Satobiki involves placing the trees in the Suwa shrine. Contrary to Yamadashi, the trees moves slowly along in the street filled with a lot of spectators.
Once the trees arrive, the trees are raised by men. After the ceremony, the tree become "sacred trees".

2. Danjiri Festival (だんじり祭)

Kishiwada danjiri matsuri osaka japan https://goo.gl/Riqotx
Danjiri festival is held in several areas of the western part of Japan, with Kishiwada(岸和田) in Osaka being the most famous place.
Begun in 1703, Danjiri festival has been held to pray to Shinto gods for the

The wooden carts are called Danjiri, and elected men ride on it. About 500 men pull the Danjiri with high speed through the narrow streets of the town.

3. Rokugou no Takeuchi (六郷の竹うち)

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Rokugou(六郷) is a small town of the Akita prefecture, and Takeuchi literally means "bamboo attack".
The festival is a battle between the north team and south team, and warriors attack the opponent with a long bamboo.
Because it is so dangerous and many participants get injured, participants are obliged to wear helmets.
Is is believed that when the north team wins, people will have an abundant harvest, while when the south win, the rice price will go up.


These festivals sometimes cause painful accidents, so you might wonder why people continue such a dangerous festivals. But to the participants, these are important Japanese cultural heritages that are worth leaving to the next generation.
I'm a Japanese student studying English.

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