Updated: January 28, 2016
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"Love Live!" Appeared At Coco's In Front Of Tokyo Big Sight

The plan gained attention from before the start of this campaign since it understands the important parts of "Love Live!", collaborated with family restaurants have started from January 19th in 2016.

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This plan gained attention from before the start of this campaign since it understands the important parts of "Love Live!". The campaign collaborated with family restaurants have started from January 19th in 2016. The collaboration plan provides a wide range of services from offering special menus to hold present campaigns.
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Among all, you shouldn't miss a wrapping project at Coco's Ariake Park Building restaurant in Rinkai area in Tokyo. This project is to make the inside of the restaurant full with popular characters of μ's members of "Love Live!".
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The Ariake Park Building restaurant situated on the 2nd floor of Washington hotel in front of Tokyo Big Sight. Speaking of Tokyo Big Sight, it's famous for comic markets and many culture events. So some of animation, game and comic fans used the Ariake Park Building restaurant in the past.
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You can see various visual things in both big and small in the restaurant. Among them,μ's members in a Coco's costume is the most popular visual thing drawn this time.
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Very big visual things are posted on the wall in its corridors. Some of fans can't help taking pictures. This space is full of "Love Live!" that fans can't resist.

The first to third "Coco's ×Love Live! campaign" is held from January 19th to March 21st. The drawn visual things also appeared, attracting a big attention when released.
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In the first and second campaigns, you can get presents by placing orders for the targeted set of mini compos. The first campaign is from January 19th to February 8th and a clear file folder is give as a present. The second campaign is from February 9th to February 29th and mini standing panel is given as a present. The given panel's picture changes with the week. The third campaign is from March 1st to March 21st and is different from previous first and second campaigns. You can use the receipts of 1,000 yen (Tax included.) for one lot drawing that you got in nationwide Coco's restaurants. In the lot drawing, if you win the lottery, you can get the goods of visual drawing.
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In particular, Ariake Park Building restaurant of Coco's will come under the spotlight that special events were held this time. But there are also other restaurants in which life-size panels are set. The campaign continues to be held by around the end of March. So fans can enjoy the plan for a long time.
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