Updated: July 01, 2017
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Netsuke: The Old Japanese Mobile Strap

Netsuke is a beautiful miniature sculpture existing since centuries ago in Japan. It's not so famous but actually there are many collectors of Netsuke in the world.

Japanese Like Has Loved Straps Since Edo Period

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You know it was very common that many Japanese used to put on mobile straps (for flip phones especially).
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And here’s the root of the cell phone straps. Back in the 17th century when people still wore kimono, miniature sculptures called netsuke were invented. Most of traditional garments like kimono do not have any pocket, so those netsuke were used as a waist tied purse to contain small things such as tobacco, medicines, seals, coins, etc.

Netsuke was also a symbol of men 's IKI(cool), such as samurai and town people in Edo, is Japan' s own fine sculpture. As a decorative art, antique Netsuke is popular all over the world.
IKI was one of the aesthetic sense in Edo.

Various Types Of Netsuke

Tricknetsuke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsuke
Netsuke is a beautifully elaborate sculpted container, which has some types. For example, a trick netsuke has moving parts and surprising parts inside.
Masknetsuke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsuke
A mask netsuke has a noh mask featured on the top.

What Kind Of Material Is It Made Of?

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As a material that has been used for netsuke, hard trees such as animal's fangs, horns, boxwood and the like are old and common.
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Many carvings of ivory and wood are found in netsuke in the late Edo period.
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Edo People Considered It Stylish And Smart

Netsuke p1030001 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsuke
Netsuke is carved beautifully and it was considered as “iki” or stylish and smart by the Edo people. The container is made from mammoth ivory, box wood, metal, clay, porcelain, and so on.
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